March, 2016. From the website/blog of author Bonnie Dodge, in anticipation of my reading at Writers on the Edge, the Nye Beach Writers Series. The interview.

September, 2015. From the website specializing in the confluence of writing and placehood, Farsickness Journal. The interviewer is Megan Harlan, poet, essayist, and prior winner of the Ciardi Prize at BkMk Press. The interview.

May 4, 2015. From the website of all things literary and fine, Late Night Library. The interviewer is Valerie Fioravanti, a prior winner of the same prize won by Williams’ book, the Chandra Prize at BkMk Press. The interview.

April 22, 2015. From Go Northeast, the cultural newsweekly of the LaGrande Observer, in anticipation of the author’s visit to Easter Oregon University to give a reading in the Ars Poetica Visiting Writer Series. The interview.

November 9, 2013. From the blog of Antioch Review, publisher of my short story, “The Limousine.” The story is also the final story in the collection, Thorn: Short Stories, winner of the Chandra Prize at BkMk Press. The interviewer is Grace Curtis. The interview.

May 15, 2012. From the blog of The Fourth River, the literary magazine of Chatham University, publisher of two of Williams’ stories, “Leaf on the Water” and “Maybe I Want to Tell You.” The interviewer is Nicole Bartley. The interview.