Buy the First Book

9781886157941-400Evan Morgan Williams’ book of short stories, Thorn, won the 2013 G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize at BkMk Press (University of Missouri-Kansas City). The judge was Al Young. His preface states:

“The seductive beauty of these subtle, troubling fictions reflect their author’s dreamy, voice-drenched visions of underdog lives.”

The following links take you to several sites, physical and online, where you can buy the book with confidence. You may also buy directly from the author (using PayPal) and get a free literary magazine in the process (evan.morgan.williams at gmail dot com).

Another Read Through. The true gem of Mississippi Avenue in Portland Oregon.

Wallace Books. New and used books in the Sellwood neighborhood.

Cloud and Leaf. Manzanita’s finest bookstore. Strong supporter of small-press books.

Book Passage. San Francisco’s finest bookstore.

The distributor: Small Press Distribution. When you buy from SPD, you are supporting an important distributor that keeps small literary publishers in the marketplace.

The publisher: BkMk Press

If you must: Amazon. Lie back, and think of England.